quote»In Order to love who you are,
you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.«
∼ Andréa Dykstra


Gratiscoaching.at is a non profit service of the Austrian Training Center for NLP & NLPt (ÖTZ-NLP&NLPt) for counselling and mediation and for low budget psychotherapy.

You can use our offer in German or English here free of charge on the registration form and it aims to support people with internal or external conflicts in various psychosocial issues, to improve the individual life situation self-determined and to promote health in the sense of the WHO definition via the thus increased quality of life. Couple coaching or mediation is also possible (usually with a pair of mediators!). A consultant will contact you shortly.

In case of any difficulties send us an E-Mail to info@gratiscoaching.at to arrange an appointment. Our qualified staff can assist you with your personal issues and conflicts.

Due to the current situation, most of our coaches in our counseling center work online via Zoom, Skype or another video platform. Occasionally, on-site coaching is also possible. So-called Walk'n'Talk (coaching while walking) is also very popular!

Telephone coaching is unfortunately not possible!

All our offers are free of charge and our consultants are bound to secrecy. Client confidentiality is always a priority for our service. As a client, you can trust us to protect your privacy, unless when refunding of psychotherapy by the health insurance services is required.